Customer Service

A dot com just doesn’t have the ability to build personal relationships. AC does. AC is owned local, builds local, and honors relationships by not just including customers in the design process but by being there with them the entire process. Our customers can make hand’s on choices from hundreds of frame profiles and colors to suit personal tastes, attentively guided by experienced design staff. You’ll love the journey.

Conservation Level Craftsmanship

The AC Frame shop sources high quality, conservation level, materials suitable for museum grade framing. Working directly with a qualified designer, AC walks the customer through each design step and material choice for the best possible display. We know framing is highly personal so we take the time to make your investment worth the ages.

Technically Advanced

Not only does AC use the best materials, we use precision equipment that allows customization at a very advanced level. Multiple mat windows, shapes, and intricate designs are quick and efficient with our computerized cutter. Our pneumatic tools allow for in-house work that just isn’t possible at many other locations.